What Is Avant Coast?

Avant Coast is a loose organization of creative improvising musicians around the seacoast area of New Hampshire and Maine that collaborate on live shows and recordings of improvised music.

“Creative Improvised Music” is exactly that: creative music that is improvised, created on-the-spot…it can be based on no form at all (“free”), or on a form that has been determined beforehand.

Though jazz is clearly a large influence, we try to avoid restricting it to a single genre. With creativity and improvisation being the key, and since we’re all using the same notes, genre really becomes irrelevant, though each group may have its own particular style. You may hear things that sound like jazz, blues, punk, funk, noise, classical…it depends on the performers and what direction they decide to take.

This music is organic, authentic, and now.


Why Go Out To Hear Live Music?

avant-coastA lot of people say “support live music,” but they don’t tell you why. It’s just as important for YOU, the listener, as it is for the artists. Going out to hear a live show offers a chance to experience true connection and magic in these busy times.

Although mobile devices and the internet are supposed to bring us closer, they in fact do just the opposite. Sitting at home dialing things up on your various devices leaves you wanting something more. Going to a concert can you leave you feeling exhilarated and energized. Personal, creative expression is infectious. One of the exciting things about creative and improvised music is that you don’t know quite where it’s going to go or what will happen.

And we, the musicians, do depend upon your support – coming out to shows, responding to the music – you are an integral part of the music and we feed off your energy. If you haven’t experienced an Avant Coast show before, we hope you’ll come out and give it a try – you’ll like what you hear.